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Working with Dr. Ford is an amazing journey that requires an investment of both time and money.

Let’s make sure we are a good fit.

Costs and Fees:

Initial Consultations with Dr. Ford are scheduled to last for 2 hours; the charge for this session is $500. This gives Dr. Ford the time to discuss, in depth, all health concerns, and answer questions without being rushed.  A 10% deposit is taken to secure the time slot for the Initial Consultation and is applied to the visit charge at the time of the appointment.

Follow-Ups are scheduled to last 45-60 minutes and the charge is $250.00.  Dr. Ford wants to make sure there is plenty of time to go over test results, changes in your health and symptom profile, and discuss options for moving forward toward restoration of your health.

Follow-Ups are usually spaced 4-12 weeks apart, depending on the client’s individual needs, with the goal being to achieve a level of health where the client only needs to “check in” as needed or desired after 6-12 months.  

Most clients find that if they do the necessary work and make the needed changes, they will find resolution to their health concerns within 4-8 months.  Everyone is different and every case has a different level of complexity, but most are able to move on and enjoy their newly restored health and vitality within that time frame.

Testing and Supplements:

As mentioned above, depending on your history, symptoms, and any current lab results you may have brought with you, Dr. Ford will often recommend cutting-edge functional medicine laboratory testing.

These tests are often simple, at-home test kits involving saliva, urine, a simple cheek swab, a finger prick, or the collection of stool.  Occasionally Dr. Ford will recommend a test that involves a blood draw, and she will tell you where you can go to get the sample drawn.

Testing costs vary and the range is from $300-$1000.00 per test, depending on the company and the type of testing being done.  Dr. Ford only covers her expenses and does not profit off testing.

Dr. Ford does not write prescriptions, and instead uses the aforementioned targeted, physician-quality nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic supplements. She provides easy access to trusted distributors for the supplements she will recommend to you, and strongly suggests that you purchase from the provided resources so you can be assured that you are getting what you are paying for.

The monthly cost of supplements can range from $40.00 to $400.00, depending on the complexity of each individual case, how aggressive the client wants to be in their work toward recovery, and how much the client is willing to spend.  Dr. Ford strongly believes that when it comes to supplements, quality is not something on which to compromise.  She is happy to work with any budget and will make recommendations tailored to each client’s needs.

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