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Dr. Ford’s Digestive Rejuvenator

Happy GUT, Happy You:  Detox and Rejuvenate Your Digestion

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Why Dr. Ford’s Digestive Rejuvenator?

Looking for “just the right” cleanse for YOU?  Do you sometimes “over-do it” with comfort foods or happy hour?  Do you experience ANY of the symptoms listed below? 

Bloated belly–especially after meals

Mental Fog and or Fatigue

Frequent gas, belching, & bloating

Acid reflux or heartburn

Autoimmune diagnosis

Unexplained Weight Gain

Skin conditions

Diarrhea and/or constipation 

Diagnosis of IBS or IBD

Food allergies or sensitivities

Yeast or fungal infections

Bad breath or thick white tongue coating on your tongue

Unexplained fatigue

If so, your gut health and microbiome could use an overhaul!

Looking for a “quick fix” that lasts?

You’ve come to the right place!  Dr. Ford’s Digestive Rejuvenator is the “quick fix” designed to set you on the path to lasting gut health.  The accompanying dietary guidelines can safely be used long term to keep you on the path to natural, healthy, ongoing vitality!

When is the best time to do Dr. Ford’s Digestive Rejuvenator? 

How about NOW?  Why not do a powerful “Spring Cleaning” that will jump start your health goals for the summer?

*No need to take precious time out of your schedule or worry about being near a bathroom at all times….this cleanse is safe, effective, and won’t leave you cranky, crampy, or uncomfortable like fad cleanses do!

Digestive Rejuvenator

Here’s what’s included:

Step-by-Step directions to experience the transformative power of Dr. Ford’s therapeutic smoothie, herbal tea, and detox plan.

Exclusive DETOX plan food list and weekly planner w/ shopping list and recipes (your guide to eating REAL food during the cleanse).

Digestive Rejuvenator shopping list-the ingredients for the powerful and delicious smoothie and herbal tea recipes that are KEY to Dr. Ford’s Digestive Rejuvenator.

Smoothie recipe-Dr. Ford’s exclusive recipe includes a specific combination of fresh, wholesome foods that work together to cleanse your gut, restore your microbiome, and optimize your health!

Tea recipe-Dr. Ford’s special combination of herbal teas and spices designed to aid in digestion, absorption, and elimination!

Finally, the added benefit of a personal, convenient, “direct to your door” account with Professional Nutritionals, industry leader in exclusive physician quality nutritional supplements. Dr. Ford has chosen specific products, clinically tested, designed to augment your cleanse and make it even more powerful and effective.

• Digestive Rejuvenator •

What do you have to lose other than bloat, fatigue, headaches, edema and brain fog?

Take this important first step toward restoring your health and vitality!
It’s a wise investment in your health for only $129.95

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This helped me get my life back!

Our clients say this all the time. Now it’s your turn!

A client with Graves Disease and a thyroid antibody level in the 400s. 8 months later, her antibodies were in the normal range — less than 130. She’s completely off of her meds and is back to hiking with her husband — without fatigue, muscle weakness, or palpitations.

A client with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a total body inflammatory load (CRP) of 18. Within 4 months, her CRP was down to 6. Her debilitating pain and swelling were 80% resolved. Now, she enjoys Jazzercise and gardening again!

A client who weighed 297 lbs at 5’4” tall, with an average blood glucose level of 283.  14 months later, she reported an average glucose level of 100.  She achieved her goal weight of 150 lbs –and is now off of her diabetes AND blood pressure medications!