DIY Testing Plans

DIY Testing Packages


Watch Dr. Ford’s explaining DIY Testing Packages below

Regardless of Your Symptoms, We’ve Got a Testing Package for YOU. 

Explore our easy-to-use testing packages, offering a comprehensive video review by Dr. Ford, giving you some helpful hints regarding your sample collection, also a sample report while explaining what YOUR results mean and how to use specific products formulated to correct imbalances.

gut restore

Digestive Restore

From Bloat to Bliss: Optimize Digestion, Feel the Difference.

Symptoms may include acid reflux, stomach pain, skin conditions, diarrhea, etc.


Hormonal Harmony

Reclaim Your Spark: Balanced Hormones Bring Renewed Energy, Focus, and Zest for Life!

Symptoms may include mood swings, stress, anxiety, hair loss, difficulty sleeping, etc.


Vitality Revive

Revitalize Your Wellbeing: Balanced Adrenal and Thyroid Function Bring Renewed Vitality!

Symptoms may include fatigue, chronic allergies, brain fog, headaches, edema, etc.

A client with Graves Disease and a thyroid antibody level in the 400s. 8 months later, her antibodies were in the normal range — less than 130. She’s completely off of her meds and is back to hiking with her husband — without fatigue, muscle weakness, or palpitations.

A client with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a total body inflammatory load (CRP) of 18. Within 4 months, her CRP was down to 6. Her debilitating pain and swelling were 80% resolved. Now, she enjoys Jazzercise and gardening again!

A client who weighed 297 lbs at 5’4” tall, with an average blood glucose level of 283.  14 months later, she reported an average glucose level of 100.  She achieved her goal weight of 150 lbs –and is now off of her diabetes AND blood pressure medications!

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