One-on-One with Dr. Ford

One-on-One with Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford delves into the personalized experience of collaborating directly with her.

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Uncover the individualized support of Dr. Ford as she guides you, creating a holistic approach that caters to your distinct requirements.


Just Genes! (Genetic Essentials)


Genetic Test kit: Uncovering hidden gems within a comprehensive selection of over 100 clinically relevant genetic markers!

Results overview w/ SNP Specialist

1 hr consult w/Dr. Ford plus one time recommendations

$849 ($1,250 value)

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This pairs well with one of our DIY Testing Packages!


Discover the Life-Changing Journey of Being One of Dr. Ford's Select Clients.

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We bring a highly personalized approach and unparalleled dedication to our clients. We’ll work with you until your health concerns are resolved.

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When I met Dr. Ford, I was a complete “Jeckel and Hyde” around my period, and my husband was desperate for me to find help. After just 1 month on my customized protocol, I was a completely new woman and my husband is thrilled!

Laura T, 39 – San Antonio

I was diagnosed with PCOS and had not had a period in over a year. Dr Ford measured my hormones with a saliva test, and put me on a plan created just for me. I had a period within two months, and have had one every month for the last year. Now, Dr. Ford is teaching me how to eat so I can wean off the supplements, and live medicine-free!

Kendra A, 23 – Kerrville

I wasn’t feeling up to par — not sick but also not well — for YEARS. Dr. Ford talked to me for almost 2 hours, and created a plan just for me. Just 6 months later, I feel AMAZING!! My skin is tighter and smoother, my energy level is through the roof, and I’ve lost weight and put on some lean muscle. My 33 year old daughter is working hard to try to keep up with me. The BEST money I ever spent!

Cindi T, 66 – San Antonio