Access Individualized Healing – at less than 1/4 the cost.

Ready to feel ALIVE again?

Start living life to the fullest- with energy, mental clarity, and robust health… ALL within weeks with your comprehensive, individualized, and private Do It Yourself plan!

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar…?

Fatigue and brain fog

Persistent digestive upset or bloating

Chronic allergies, migraines, or aches and pains

Mood swings or sleep disruptions

Autoimmune diagnosis

Food cravings or difficulty weight loss

We know how frustrating it feels when your day is derailed by health issues.

Thankfully, you can still gain the vitality you’ve been dreaming of…and you can do it with Dr. Ford’s professional guidance found in this personal Do It Yourself system!

With Dr. Ford’s professionally narrated guide, you will be able to individualize YOUR regimen to create balance in your health….at a fraction of the cost of a private consultation.

Your DIY package includes everything you need to rebalance your biochemistry & restore your health. In a nutshell, this journey will help you to eliminate your symptoms, step by step.

Because this is YOUR personal “game plan for health”, you can go at your own pace and repeat the process as many times as you like!

And as a bonus, you’ll have the option to be part of an exclusive FB group with others that are on a similar journey, sharing ideas and supporting one another!

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Here’s How It Works:

Complete health questionnaire


Complete your specialized health test kit.

 cleanse and supplements.


Start your proprietary cleanse and targeted supplements.

 Zoom call


When you receive your test results, you will have exclusive access to  Dr. Ford’s video thoroughly explaining the meaning of your results, implications for your health, and most important, what to do to regain balance in YOUR health!

*Sessions will include a talk and Q/A session on the targeted group you’re in. Video call managed by Google Meet

learning sessions

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Dr. Ford’s proprietary cleanses including recipes, shopping lists, and guidelines for easy implementation

Dr. Ford’s straightforward and  understandable explanation of the results and specific guidance to create YOUR individualized healing plan

A printable form listing all the products you might possibly need for YOUR individualized regimen PLUS a link to a trusted source for easy access, “deliver to your door” convenience.

Access to a private Facebook group where you can learn, share, and support others on a similar journey!

Plus, We’ll Send You (Direct to Your Doorstep!):

Specialized health test kit that is specific to your health concern

Complete health starter kit, with everything you’ll need to start your wellness journey

If you’re willing to do what it takes to restore your health, we’re here to finally get you the relief you’ve been looking for. 

Investment: $799

(LESS THAN 1/4 the cost of a private consultation)

No Matter What Your Symptoms Are, There’s a perfect DIY package for You.

Gut Restore

Bloated belly–especially after meals

Mental fog

Frequent gas, belching, & bloating

Acid reflux or heartburn

Autoimmune diagnosis

Skin conditions

Diarrhea or constipation 

Diagnosis of IBS or IBD

Food allergies or sensitivities

Yeast or fungal infections

Bad breath or tongue coating

Unexplained fatigue

gut restore

Hormone Rebalance

Unexplained weight gain

Missed, irregular, or very light cycles

Acne and/or excessively oily skin

Hair loss or unwanted facial and/or body hair

Sugar or carb cravings

Decreased stamina and energy

Mood swings, stress, & anxiety

Foggy thinking and/or forgetfulness

Hot flashes and/or night sweats

Difficulty sleeping

Short cycles and/or heavy bleeding

Vaginal dryness and/or decreased libido


Inflammation Reset

Feeling sluggish and fatigued

Have chronic allergies

Brain fog, headaches, and/or migraines

Trouble losing weight and/or keeping it off

Puffy bags and/or dark circles under your eyes

Body aches and pains, especially in the joints

Unexplained skin rashes or irritation

Edema or cellulite

Chronic abdominal pain

Frequent swollen lymph nodes

Frequent illness

Loss of motivation, interest, and stamina


This helped me get my life back!

Our clients say this all the time. Now it’s your turn!

A client with Graves Disease and a thyroid antibody level in the 400s. 8 months later, her antibodies were in the normal range — less than 130. She’s completely off of her meds and is back to hiking with her husband — without fatigue, muscle weakness, or palpitations.

A client with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a total body inflammatory load (CRP) of 18. Within 4 months, her CRP was down to 6. Her debilitating pain and swelling were 80% resolved. Now, she enjoys Jazzercise and gardening again!

A client who weighed 297 lbs at 5’4” tall, with an average blood glucose level of 283.  14 months later, she reported an average glucose level of 100.  She achieved her goal weight of 150 lbs –and is now off of her diabetes AND blood pressure medications!