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IMC has created amazing success stories.
Some of our clients have…

  • Reversed Graves disease  — in just 8 months
  • Virtually eliminated inflammation from Rheumatoid Arthritis — in 4 short months
  • Lost 150 pounds, and corrected blood glucose levels in one year
  • Sent serious autoimmune disorders into remission
  • Restored hormonal balance and healed POCS
  • Reversed Osteoporosis
  • Corrected mood disorders and depression
  • Restored focus, eliminated ADD/ADHD and improved cognitive function
  • …and many more.

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I have Lichen Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that left me in constant pain. After only one year, I am in remission! The affected area was 90% stiff, dry, and scarred. Now, it’s only 15%. The rest is now normal tissue and continuing to heal! Dr. Ford literally saved my life!”

—C.J., 54 – San Antonio

I have had depression and anxiety since my teenage years. I had tried most every medication on the market. They would help for a while and then quit working. Within 2 months of working with Dr. Ford, I was feeling so much better, and a year later, I’m still feeling good. I’ve finally found a long-term solution!

—Kelly W, 53 – San Antonio